Tuesday, August 29, 2006

FOX Morning Debut Shines

WXMI Fox 17's new local morning news program debuts this week and is a hit. The 6-8 a.m. program, ably anchored by FOX 17 News charter member and until recently weekend anchorAmy Turner, the program delivers what was promised in promos: you can get your news, get your weather and get going.

Compared to other local morning programs, it is a refreshing dose of solid local and national news. Other programs have on the half hour updates of just two or three stories, often recycled from the previous day's 11 p.m. cast. And then they return to network morning blah blah shows for more recipes and celebrities. FOX 17 has a good mix of local and national stories, with the national stories from the FOX network feed but the whole program anchored locally.

It is also interesting that the local markets have a heavier apetite for news in the mornings, with a significant increase in 6 a.m. viewers over 10 or 15 years ago. This tidbit was well explained in a detailed article by former TV 8 personality Colleen Pierson in the Grand Rapids Press. Note, however, that the Press places this article about TV news in its own "entertainment" section.

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