Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Alticor Separates Company from Campaign

There has been a lot of interesting coverage of how Alticor is handling the fact that one of their leaders, Dick DeVos, is in a political campaign. Even more interesting is how Alticor is handling it, with a new series of ads and frank discussion on their company blog.

The ads and the blog are good for showing and stressing the bi-partisan face of the company. The media coverage has been good in the sense that they are getting the facts straight, allowing Alticor to respond to critics from the Granholm campaign. The campaign is part of another episode in the emerging debate affecting the PR profession: the distinction between "commercial speech" vs "political speech" (ie Nike V Kasky).

So far, Alticor seems to have a handle on separating politics from business. Too bad so many politicians in the state do not.

I only wish that in this otherwise excellent example of corporate transparency, Alticor's bloggers would show their faces. Posts are signed by "corporate communications." Blogs are supposed to be about personal, mutual dialogue. They say the blog is written by democrats and republicans. Great. I'd like to know who I'm talking to as opposed to having an image of that imposing, flag bedecked building in Ada.

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