Sunday, September 17, 2006

BE Healthy Offers Opportunity

The Grand Rapids Press premiers a new publication today called "BE Healthy." The glossy mag insert is reflective of several trends.

One, it shows an uptick in consumer interest about all things related to health. Two, it shows a response of the Press to an unhealthy environment for newspapers. Newspapers are struggling to attract and keep readers and are engaging in all manner of re-packaging, re-purposing, and re-posting information. Thus, the BE Healthy may not only be the title of this publication, but the directive from the publisher to the accounting staff at the Press. That's why the piece comes from the Press Marketing Department, as opposed to the news department. Hence the name "market-driven" journalism.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. The piece is well done, and includes information that has what academics would call "utility" for consumers. It also presents an opportunity for health communicators as a targeted ad vehicle and an outlet for health related news pitches.

Let's hope we all consider this a healthy addition to the Sunday Press even a few months after we've digested it.

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