Wednesday, September 27, 2006

TV 8 Adds News Releases Online

In a never ending effort to make TV and the Internet relevant to each other, local NBC affiliate TV 8 has added news releases to its Web site. That excited me at first, until I had several thoughts.

One, the news releases are simply a feed from PR Newswire, which anyone can get online by themselves. In fact, the Grand Rapids Press and Booth Newspapers have had links to PR Newswire and BusinessWire on their Mlive site for years, under the business link. It would be more exciting for TV 8 to offer some original content, such as links to the news releases of local companies and organizations. They could allow people to see the stories they don't have time to broadcast--a good supplemental use of the Web site. They could also share the news releases about stories they did cover and allow the public to compare--and even on occasion conclude that PR pros are better writers.

At least TV 8 has news releases. Local counterparts TV 13 and TV 17 do not have them on their sites yet. TV 13 has weather features front and center, and TV 17 promotes FOX network programming.

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