Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Good Crisis Advice

There's a good article about "Fixing the Crisis" in this week's Grand Rapids Business Journal (subscription required).

Nice to see that the advice given from all local PR pros--including yours truly--is not only strategically wise but ethically sound. Consistently, the article stresses NOT spinning, training whole organizations, responding to the problem versus covering it up, acting to prevent future crises.

The article even brings in the legal perspective, which is important. It'd be interesting to do a follow up sometime about how PR folks and legal counsel clash in crisis modes in some cases. PR practitioners advise transparency--telling the truth and proving it with action, as PR pioneer Arthur Page said in the first two of his well known PR principles. Lawyers, in some cases, counter with the reticent strategy of limiting liability and saying as little as possible. At least the attorney in this article understands the best long term advice is dealing honestly with crises immediately.

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