Friday, November 10, 2006

You Go Perrigo

News Friday about a product recall by Perrigo warms my heart.

Not because I wish the hard work and costly reality of a product recall on Perrigo. But because the company is practicing good PR in light of a bad situation. Some of you may remember the famous Tylenol case, when Johnson and Johnson recalled bottles of aspirin because someone had tampered with them. While only a few bottles were affected, Johnson took a huge short-term loss to do the right thing. In the long term, however, the company consistently scores high on reputation surveys.

According to a press release onPerrigo's Web site, the company has made this recall voluntarily, at a cost of about $2.9 million, even though the potential impact of metallic particles found in some of the recalled generic drugs is minimal. This shows that Perrigo is considering relationships before profits. They are thinking long term. They are practiciing good, fundamental, public relations.

My only problem is that the Press and other media won't recognize this as exemplary PR. If it were a negative story, on the other hand it would be called a "PR problem." Or if Perrigo were trying to hide the facts, these efforts would be called "just PR" or "PR gimmicks."

I long for the day when we see a headline like this: "Company proves PR is inherently ethical; recalls product in interest of public."

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