Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bye Bye Barnaby

TV 8 is closing it's Battle Creek operations, and with that closure they've had to let go of some staff. Included in the layoffs is on-air personality Gerry Barnaby, a favorite among viewers for his humorous quirks and among PR pros for his agreeable nature and ability to handle a story that didn't always fit a hard news or beat category.

It will be interesting to see how hard TV 8 pushes "ABC 4" now that they don't have a physical presence in the community. This is where people need to be reminded that TV stations, like all media, are businesses. They need some public relations, community relations work in Battle Creek as they pull out. It's a nice gesture to leave their building in the cereal city to nonprofit Battle Creek Unlimited. But I hope TV 8 President and General Manager Diane Kniowski understands that even an outfit with lots of journalists on the payroll needs to consider its own public relations at times such as this. I once spoke to the National Broadcasters Asociation Community Affairs (NBACA) members. I'm available for counsel Diane....

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