Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Press Nutcracker Coverage Gets National Mention

From page D10 of today's Wall Street Journal:

""It's fun, it's traditional, and it pays the bills."

Lines such as this, from the Grand Rapids Press in a recent article by Jeffrey Kaczmarczyk, abound during December all across the country. The "it" is "The Nutcracker." And, at face value, anyone vaguely aware of the profusion of "Nutcracker" ballets presented in the U.S. this time of year readily understands such assertions."

Wow. I'm sure the Press is giggling over their coverage being picked up by a big national daily. Probably resulted from the WSJ reporter's quick Lexis-Nexis search for "nutcracker" for a story about the traditional performances across the country.
But still, to be mentioned in the Wall Street Journal! Must give chills to even the most jaded reporter.

But maybe they won't care...or notice. I recall a time that a story I pitched to the Press was ignored, only to get play in the Journal.

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CDroog said...

Hi Tim - Just wanted to thank you for some great posts on how local companies, including mine, are handling themselves in the public eye. I hope to post more poignant comments in 2007 - it would be great to get more online dialogue going on local PR issues. Thanks for getting it started!
- Cindy Droog, APR