Wednesday, December 13, 2006

USA Today Covers Zondervan

When USA Today Religion Writer Cathy Grossman was in town to speak to the WMPRSA, she hinted she was also in town to do a story about Christian retailing. No doubt Lambert, Edwards and Associates, who sponsored the WMPRSA lunch, had a hand in arranging the story that highlights their client, Zondervan.

Not only was this a nice national placement, the USA Today article of December 13 is a pretty solid overview of Zondervan's business. It also positions West Michigan as the capitol of Christian publishing.

I just wish Grossman had done a little more reporting about the dominant local religious flavor. Calling folks "Dutch Reform" is wrong in several ways. For one, it's ReformED. Saying it her way sounds like reform school or something. Also, the term Dutch is not part of the proper name of the two denominations popular here, the Christian Reformed Church in North America (CRC) and the Reformed Church of America (RCA). Dutch may be an adjective, but it could have been clarified.

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