Saturday, February 03, 2007

GRBJ Covers IR Well

Nice piece about the investor relations aspect of public relations in this week's Grand Rapids Business Journal (subscription required for full content).

The article pays particular attention to the importance of the quarterly conference calls in the corporate relations, investor relations function. Reporter Dan Schoonmaker does a fine job explaining the nuances of this work, including comments from a variety of West Michigan's PR pros, including Lambert Edwards and Assocoiates founder and managing partner Jeff Lambert, as well as PR directors at Herman Miller, Woverine World Wide and others.

I'm of course a cheerleader for our profession and the region, but the article shows some real talent for IR, one of the newer and growing PR functions that used to be left to the CFO. In fact, Schoonmaker told me a few years ago that he called Business Week magazine to get a referral to a national expert on IR, and he was told about LEA right here in River City!

I've always complained that local and national media cover advertising as a regular beat, but not PR. If they mention PR, it is usually as an aspect of advertising--don't get me started on that. Perhaps its because advertising gives the media money and PR gives them "merely" information.

In any event, the GRBJ does a nice, straight, informative overview of the quarterly conference call, highlighting the role of PR and the importance of this effort to company's and investors, a primary public. It hints that PR is--gasp!--much broader than advertising and marketing in its objectives and associated publics.

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