Saturday, February 03, 2007

WSJ Moves Calvin to Minnesota

The Wall Street Journal's February 2 "Weekend Journal" section included a lead article about U.S. colleges offering study 'abroad' programs domestically in the U.S. They called it a trend in response to increased dangers traveling overseas and other factors.

Locally based Calvin College was mentioned in a sidebar for its semester program in the American Southwest among the Navajo. PR Director Phil DeHaan tells me they were never contacted about the story, so an enterprising reporter must have been trolling for info about such programs. It shows how we have to be ever vigilant in monitoring media--a reporter's call isn't enough of a tip about coverage.

While DeHaan says the article is really neither positive or negative about the college, it is nice to be mentioned in national media. He only wishes they wouldn't have moved Calvin to Grand Rapids, Minnesota in the sidebar. They have asked for a correction.

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