Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Exploited Workers or Community Asset?

I have to wonder if this was a case of a bad headline writer or a corporate executive who needs a media training review.

The Grand Rapids Press piece about XRite's post-merger location in West Michigan seems to indicate that the company is exploiting workers.

The headline says the company is "taking advantage of cheap labor" as justification for staying here after merging with a Swiss competitor. Is West Michigan to Europe what India is to the U.S. in terms of "outsourcing."

One can only hope XRite doesn't really mean to take advantage of employees. Could they have meant to say that West Michigan is home to a talented and hard working labor pool? If they meant to say that, they should have.

One has to wonder, though, if XRite being without a PR person with management clout at the moment is the reason this messaging mistake was able to occur.

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