Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spartan Take Two

Hate to be picking on Spartan, but in their second big story in the Grand Rapids Press in as many days, there's another quote that begs reaction.

Here's a quote from the CEO this time:

"We can't be juggling two balls at the same time, and our bridges are full," Sturken said. "We had to weigh both opportunities, and Felpausch is our sweet spot."

Spartan must stock mixed metaphors right next to the vegetable medley. And they're having a special.

First, juggling by definition requires more than one ball. If you have one ball, you are tossing one ball in the air. Two or even three balls makes it juggling.

Second, the relationship between juggling and bridges is lost on me. And, how exactly do you know when a bridge is "full." Bridges are built, crossed, burned and a number of other things. But filled? Perhaps the Press quoted him wrong and he meant to say "britches" are full, but that's a rather scatalogical reference for a Food Marketing Conference.

Finally, weighing opportunities is ok, but sweet spot? I get an image of someone standing on a scale testing the tension in a tennis racquet.

To use my own food analogy: it's important in PR to offer quotes with some meat, but this is another example of word salad.

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