Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Fruitport Gazette

In a competitive newspaper industry we nevertheless have a new publication in the West Michigan media. The Fruitport Gazette began publishing recently, serving Fruitport, Spring Lake, and Ferrysburg.

The paper is free and publishes weekly, on Mondays. There's a blend of local stories and wire filler stories, with quality printing in broadsheet format of 8 pages.

Apparently the paper presumes to compete with the Grand Haven Tribune, Muskegon Chronicle, and Grand Rapids Press. All of those papers cover the area, but perhaps there's an impression that they overlook the three communities mentioned on the Fruitport Gazette masthead. However, with only 8 pages and still quite a bit of that filled with ads and wire copy, it seems there isn't that much to cover.

But it could be a good PR opportunity for you if you have news you can localize. Managing Editor Katerie Prior can be reached at fruitport.editor@gmail.com. If she likes your pitch she may assign a story to one of four staff writers.

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