Monday, May 14, 2007

Gortsema Goes Legal

A few weeks and blog posts ago I noted that managing editor Tim Gortsema was "on sabbatical" from the Grand Rapids Business Journal, as I heard it from Gemini Publications editor Carole Valade.

So I was curious when I read in yesterday's Press that Gortsema had been named communications manager at Warner Norcross & Judd. Was this what he planned to do on his "sabbatical" or is this a permanant move? No mention of Gortsema on the WNJ Web site (nice site though), so I asked their long-time PR counsel Mary Ann Sabo for clarification. She got me through to Gortsema, who shared this:

"I guess that's wishful thinking (maybe). For better or worse, I'm here. In fact, I had lunch with the BJ gang today but refrained from any sabbatical comments."

So, it's not that clear yet. But I did remind Tim that WMPRSA membership is a good idea for anyone making the transition from journalism to public relations.

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