Friday, May 18, 2007

GR Hotel Gets National Attention

When the area's first JW Marriott Hotel being built in downtown Grand Rapids announced its 19th floor would be women only, it got some local media play. But national media soon picked up the story and made it more of a debate about whether the move is discrimination or savvy catering to customer needs and desires.

The "Today Show" trotted out some national wags including the overexposed feminist lawyer Gloria Allred to chime in on the debate in a segment this morning.

ABC's "Good Morning America" also did a segment. While ABC also addresses the discrimination issue, they do a better job of addressing the hotel's perspective. They even interview hotel manager George Aquino and some local women. The video also has some skyline shots that make you feel proud of GR,

Kudos to Grand Rapids PR firm Wondergem Consulting for handling the national media on the story.

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