Thursday, May 31, 2007

Metro's Good Donor Mojo

The Grand Rapids Press business lead story is about Metro Hospital exceeding its fundraising goal. But the larger story is that they did it with a lot of smaller donations, as opposed to securing one large check from someone who's name begins with 'Van' or 'De.'

Nothing against the generous philanthropists in the region, but I think this Metro success is exemplary of good nonprofit PR and capital campaigns. It may seem harder to get many small gifts to reach a capital goal, but consider the benefits:

  • you can demonstrate broader community support for your organization and cause;

  • you start building relationships with "smaller" donors who can support you in the future;

  • many donors feel a personal relationship with your organization, whereas they feel less engaged if one major donor foots the bill.

    That last one is key. In the end, PR is about relationships, not money. If you have the former, the latter follows.
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    smplcv said...

    This news should be shared with every one. Hope this be shared in face book. Great work from the metro Hospital

    NGO CV