Friday, May 25, 2007

PR and Politics

It's always interesting when a PR firm gets coverage in the business section front in the Grand Rapids Press. Usually, because of some dislike of PR hungover from j-school days, they don't like to talk about us.

But yesterday's story about local firm Seyferth Spaulding Tennyson forming an alliance with law firm McInerney and Associates and public affairs/lobbying specialists Public Affairs Associates was big enough news.

I think its good news too. Nice to see a local firm getting more active in state and national levels in political PR. I just wish the article had made it more clear that PR is not necessarily a separate function from public affairs. In fact, other local firms specialize in political PR. My "Fundamentals of Public Relations" students must read a chapter about politics and PR. In the case of the Alliance, it looks like they are bringing together various specialities. But the article makes it sound like PR is about publicity and message crafting only.

By the way, this is another reason I roll my eyes when people say PR programs should be in business schools. Many of my students may want to focus their PR practice in the political arena. In that case, some political science electives are as valuable as a marketing or finance class.

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