Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Local Hotel Issue Gets Play in Trades

The new Marriott in downtown GR got lots of attention regarding it's proposed "women only" 19th floor (see earlier posts in this blog). Now the novel concept has created some controversy and is covered in this week's PR trade, PR Week (subscription required).

When the national buzz saw started, Alticor (owner of the new hotel) turned to a national firm to handle national mainstream and trade media. But local pro Andrea Groom of Wondergem handles the interviews with PR Week.

There's an example of good PR here. Marriott, instead of sticking to its guns and being defensive, is listening to all sides and opinions regarding an all-women floor. Some feel it's great, some feel it's disciminating, and Marriott's posture seems to be one of seeking a mutual benefit for all concerned. As Groom says, men seeking a room on the 19th floor will not be denied.

However, it seems hard to have a win-win here. Either it's an all-women floor or it's not.

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