Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The PR-Journalism Two-Way Street

It's often been said that it's easier to go from journalism to PR than the other way around. As evidenced by many PR practitioners in West Michigan, it is relatively common to go from journalism to PR. I myself have a degree and background in journalism before I went through a 12-step program to recovery.:)

I think the difficulty of going from PR to journalism is based on the perception that PR folks lose their sense of journalistic objectivity. I maintain that it can be difficult for journalists to go into PR because they discover PR is a much broader profession than merely writing news releases and corporate articles.

Nevertheless, the masthead of the Grand Rapids Business Journal shows that journalism-to-PR is a two-way street. Gary Pullano takes the managing editor post from recently departed Tim Gortsema (see earlier post). Pullano had been with the GRBJ before handling PR for Herrick Library in Holland.

Meanwhile, former public relations pro for the Grand Rapids Public Musuem and other places Pete Daly takes a staff writer slot vacated by Elizabeth Sanders. So that makes two additions to the masthead coming from the PR ranks.

The punster in me can't help but point out the irony of someone named Daly working for a weekly. Of course, some of our area dailies publish weakly in terms of business news, so he may be in a good spot.

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