Friday, August 24, 2007

Quixtar Chamber

Quixtar's in court. I've been watching with interest but withholding comment til everything plays out. The Grand Rapids Press offers a decent summary of the complicated court proceedings.

This is an interesting example of litigation PR. Some nefarious lawyers consider litigation PR to be the practice of blabbing to the media during a trial to try to leverage public opinion for a positive court opinion. A more ethical and practical understanding of the term is to consider a trial a specific form of crisis. A crisis is defined as intense public and/or media scrutiny. If your company or client is on trial, the public forms an opinion, and often presumes guilt. Litigation PR is therefore the practice of getting the facts out to all publics to maintain your ongoing reputation--not to influence the judge and jury.

One way you can watch the issue play out is on the Real Quixtar Blog authored by the PR folks. The blog mentions and links to an aggregator page for IBO (independent business owners) discussion of the issue. A search will also turn up many independent external blogs about Quixtar.

This trial is also interesting in the wake of Alticor's decision to rebrand as Amway. As part of that, it seems they are trying to reign in some IBOs who have allegedly been too "independent" and in some ways inappropriate in their business practices. Meanwhile, some IBOs are hauling out the old 'pyramid scheme' label and throwing it back at Quixtar.

Keep watching. It's better than "People's Court" or "Judge Judy" reruns.


Anonymous said...

It isn't better than People's Court. This whole thing is sad. To have Quixtar act in such a inapproiate way. I think about the thousands of Quixtar employees that could loose their jobs, all over over priced products! Quixtar, YOU CAN FIX THIS! Don't fail to change with the times like K-Mart and other great companies have. Change, grow, become better! We know you can do it!

Tom Morris said...

You can watch the whole thing play out in a more balanced format at:

It lists all official releases by Team and Quixtar, on the order they were released, as well as some commentary.