Friday, October 26, 2007

Magna Doing It Right

It's not a good thing to announce plant closings and layoffs. But Magna Donnely's announcement of a plant cosolidation and layoff of 50 employees reported in the Holland Sentinel today reveals a good way to handle bad news.

First, company spokesperson Tracy Fuerst doesn't mince words. The PR rep says what's happening and why--two plants will consolidate because of a decrease in product demand. Refreshingly honest and clear.

Second, and more importantly, the article reveals that Magna is trying to honor relationships (remember, that's what PR is about) with those laid off employees by offering to find other positions within the company.

Things are tough in the auto industry. It's good to see one of our major auto industry companies doing PR right in such tough times. Of course, few media will call this "PR"; they save that for when it's done poorly. All the more reasons for me to point out the good stuff.

I only wish there was more detail for employees, community and media about this consolidation on the company web site.

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