Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Parley VooDoo

Even though France is home to Havas and Publicis, two of the biggest five Ad/PR holding companies, they still need humble ol' moi to come teach PR over there. I'll be in Angers next week at a school called ESSCA (French acronym; link is to English version of site) trying to work my magic (parley my voodoo) on some French business students.

The school is a partner of Grand Valley, and teaches marketing, but not PR. Hence the arrangement with me. I taught there two years ago thanks to the initial legwork from my now retired colleague, Betty Pritchard. We didn't screw up too badly, so they asked me to do it again::)

I'll to upload a few posts of my experiences, but those French keyboards are challenging. If not, I'll share thoughts when I'm back in the USA October 15.

Au revoir for now.

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