Sunday, October 14, 2007

Quixtar Sues Bloggers

Interesting item in the AP business wire today about Quixtar suing bloggers.

At first blush, I'm against this from a PR standpoint. We should allow people to state their opinions and offer our responses publicly as part of a dialogue. Suing those who criticize you would seem to contradict that "two-way symmetrical" model of PR, not to mention garner negative public opinion about a big company snuffing the voices of individuals.

However, when you read the article, it does seem that these bloggers aren't so innocent. Quixtar alleges that the bloggers (apparently from Ottawa County since that's the court where the suit was filed, unless they feel it is a more receptive venue) are actually an organized group of ex-distributors who are posting items anonymously to Utube. If these allegations are true, then the critics of Quixtar are engaging in setting up a 'front group,' which is clearly derided in the PRSA Code of Ethics (scroll down to "disclosure of information"). I guess we can all watch to see what the courts say about it. It could be a landmark case of free speech for bloggers.

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Anonymous said...

Free speech is free speech! From what I have read, Quixtar launched an aggressive destructive internet media attack on these former IBO's. The Ibo's simply started stating obvious facts and Quixtar didn't want the truth to get out! What I found interesting was Quixtar knows its products are marked up nearly 300% (private family profit) and the vast majority of their IBO's fail, but refuse to help the IBO's...