Monday, October 29, 2007

Taxing Quote

Must be Halloween week--we have axes and vomit in the news.

In an MiBiz article about the "Ax the Tax" Coalition press conference, there is this gem of a quote from Tim Wondergem of Wondergem Consulting Inc., a local PR firm with lots of public issue experience:

“The businesses that are being depended on to create a new economy in Michigan are getting screwed here, folks,” said Tim Wondergem of Wondergem Consulting. “The next time I hear the Jeff Daniels’ commercial about Michigan’s Upper Hand on the radio, I am going to pull my car over and have a vomit moment.”

But Tim. how do you really feel? :)

Seriously, this is an issue PR consultants should watch. Should our services be taxed, and not those of other professionals? I'd agree with Wondergem, though I'll try not to launch my lunch for now.

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Roberta said...

I think taxing services is an idea that is long overdue and with Michigan facing the most critical economic situation ever, we need to look for sources of revenue in a wide variety of places.
Taxing legal, accounting or PR services is no different than a sales tax on a car or shoes. As long as commerce is involved, there needs to be a tax that helps support state infrastructure and services.
Someone needs to clean up dead deer and vomit on the highway!