Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Feel the Zeel Reveal

The Holland Sentinel reports (link may take you to current day's local news vs archived story) that odd "graffiti" is appearing all over Zeeland--a Z! in a circle spray painted on sidewalks and buildings.

They report that local officials won't admit that this is a marketing campaign--yet. But c'mon, it's obvious. So much so that it seems the Sentinel is complicit in this little teaser, also known as reveal advertising for teasing people and then 'revealing' what's going on later.

The gimmick is more obvious by the fact that the Sentinel web coverage includes a video of "clandestine" taggers adding the "Z!" all over town, as well as a "Feel the Zeel" slogan. Word is the frequently awarded, Holland-based Image Group is behind the campaign. Given the Sentinel coverage, it appears to be working so far--in terms of attention.

But in terms of attitudes and behavior--such as more traffic in Zeeland--we have yet to see. Maybe that will happen after something more is "revealed." I mean, right now Zeeland has alcohol and a slogan, which is more than enough for some college students and rednecks. But it'll take more for other demographics to descend on the cozy suburb of the booming metropolis of Holland.

Meanwhile, the campaign to promote Grand Rapids (remember "Keep it a Secret"?) is working very well--at last count, the evidence of the campaign for the city is still, in fact, a secret.


Anonymous said...

If they are working with the Image Group I hope they got paid in advance!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your perspective on Zeeland's stealth publicity campaign.

The Sentinel's interest in the Zeeland marketing campaign is our calling to oversee how public monies are allocated. The video on our Web site ( was taken from a blog site we assume is related to the campaign.

Rick VanGrouw
Sentinel editor
(616) 546-4265

Anonymous said...

The spray paint and water tower are pretty clever ideas. Hopefully it will help get us some name recognition.

Anonymous said...

Heck of an example for all the punks and gangbangers who also own spray cans and have a "message" to spread.