Monday, November 26, 2007

Tagging Tag Lines

Appropos of my post and several comments about the "Feel the Zeel" campaign in Zeeland, you might be interested in this piece in Brandweek about how taglines are making their exit from advertising.

The article makes some good points, but I would say taglines may still be effective in some cases. However, they are not enough on their own.

As one anonymous comment says, the "Feel the Zeel" line and spraypainting are clever and might get them some name recognition. Well, Osama Bin Laden has name recognition; is it a good brand?

Until more is revealed later today, all we know is that Zeeland has a campaign to promote the city. I "recognize" that. But what MORE will they do and say that will motivate people from West Olive, Fennville and other cities in the region to engage in commercial activity in Zeeland.

This is my complaint about lots of advertising--raising awareness, cool design, clever tag lines please people in the conference room. But where are the results? What were the objectives?

If you want to be clever, congratulations. If you want to change attitudes and behaviors, show me.

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