Monday, December 24, 2007

Air Powerless

I had to hear from a friend in the DC area that the Gerald R. Ford International Airport had a power outage. Sure, there were some mentions in local media, but it's interesting that my friend read it in the Washington Post and then emailed me.

Another interesting point from my friend--who flies into GR to visit family in the area: no info on the Ford Airport web site about this. I also notice nothing about the parking ramp construction project. In fact, the most recent news release is about the ramp's groundbreaking from way back in September.

The site has some interesting features, such as real time flight information. It would be a good and easy addition to offer real time info about situations like power outages, how the construction affects passengers, and so on.

One would think that those involved in aviation would have a more navigable and informative web site.

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