Monday, December 03, 2007

A Quixtar in the East

I'm having morning coffee this morning and giving my thumb a workout on the TV remote--trying to find a morning program that atually does news in between the weather, chit chat, and ads--and what to my eyes does appear?

Quixtar in the East!

Specifically, a representative of West Michigan based Quixtar chatting it up in Times Square with Al Roker about their donation to the Today Show toy drive. This is cool for several reasons. One, it's a local company getting some rare national air. And second, it seems a good mix of philanthropy and marketing--often a fine line.

The product Quixtar is giving is a line of cosmetics for older girls, which as Al Roker nicely said in a segue, is a tough age group when donating toys. Meanwhile, it's a great market for Quixtar, who would no doubt love to introduce their line to older girls before they become young women.

You can read more about the donation in a Quixtar news release.

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