Thursday, December 06, 2007

Social Rank

Out of the blue I got an email yesterday informing me that this GRPR blog of mine was in the top 100 PR blogs. That's satisfying, considering I just intended this to be a local conversation about public relations and advertising. But I'm finding out that communities are topical, not geographical, on the Internet.

You can see the rankings on a site called PR Voices and maybe check out some of the other PR blogs on the list. Or, find popular blogs on other topics or in other "commmunities."

You can click on the "social rankings" button at the bottom of the sidebar at right to see rankings at any time. Also, by the way, you can click on the sitemeter button to see data on who's reading my blog. I'm all about transparency.

Rankings are updated frequently according to an algorithm. So now I have pressure to stay socially relevant, popular, hip, happeninn'. Makes me feel like I'm in junior high at the roller skating party, pondering my social relevance, although I didn't call it that then. But, such is the nature of technology and the blogosphere today.

Actually, I'm not going to worry too much about my social ranking. You might for your organization, but I'm just a mild-mannered professor sharing his opinion. My attitude is similar to what it was at those skating parties, actually. I usually found a cute girl to skate with sooner or later back then. But if I didn't, I didn't let it bother me.

That's how I roll:)

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jillzilla said...

Congrats, Tim!