Thursday, February 28, 2008

GRBJ Ad PR Coverage

I hesitate to mention this year's annual Advertising and Public Relations "Focus" section in the Grand Rapids Business Journal, because I am profiled. I don't want to appear too self-aggrandizing.

So let me be magnanimous and say it's a nice section for two other reasons.

1. It's nice to know that local media such as GRBJ consider our industry worthy of focus.

2. Each year there is further evidence that our local ad/PR pros are innovative and industrious. Witness the articles this year focusing on retail radio and tv advertising, video production, and local online video.

I just read this morning about Obama's campaign being among the first to use localized Web video ads as they approach the Ohio and Texas primaries. Meanwhile, folks in West Michigan are already on to that concept according to the BJ.

It's good to know we're hip, and it's good that the BJ helps the regional business community understand that.

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