Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Recent PR Grad Already a 'Fashion Guru'

I gotta say I was proud to learn that a GVSU PR major only one year out of school is already considered a "guru" by local media.

Lynsey Roumell was president of the GVSU PRSSA chapter and an all-around good student. Among her achievements was an internship at Oscar de la Renta in New York City. Over coffee during the holidays, she hints that she might want to work in big city fashion PR some day> At the moment, though, she is more than happy right here in River City working for Wondergem Consulting.

But, she might be able to have her cake (walk) and eat it too.

In Tricia Woolfenden's GR Press blog, "The New Black," Lynsey is one of a trio of local "fashion gurus" who will be providing a Midwestern take on the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week currently under way in the Big Apple. "The New Black" will feature Lynsey and two others' fashion perspectives Friday.

Meanwhile, you can check out Lynsey's own blog, StyleJunkie Weekly, which is informative and funny.

It just shows that PR is a very diverse field, with lots of areas for speciality. Also, we can't teach them everything in college. In fact, if one Professor Penning ever tried even one lecture on fashion, it would be more funny than informative. I still think "Geranimals" for grown-ups is a fabulous idea. I will note that when I mentioned this to Lynsey, she ever gracious, complimented me on my Burberry scarf (I do not appear in this video).

Memo to WMPRSA board and program planners--invite Lynsey to do a workshop on fashion PR this year. I'm asking her to be a guest speaker in my fundamentals class on this subject. Lord knows I can't do it. One of the joys of being a professor is when former students do well--and teach me something.


Anonymous said...

After looking at Lynsey's blog, I believe she should have taken a few English courses along the way. Just kidding! ;-)

"True to it's name, the page is devoted to showcasing the world of fashion through the eyes of various public relations/marketing experts."

Anonymous said...

Look out folks....its the grammar police! Just kidding! ;-)

Tim Penning, APR said...

Don't you mean it's the grammar police? Or perhaps that was a fashion statement.

Anonymous said...

I meant fashion police! lol

Anonymous said...

I believe it should be "True to its name..." instead of "it's."

Nice one, grammar police.