Sunday, March 09, 2008

Addys and Peoples' Choice

The annual Addy Award winners have been revealed by the Ad Club of West Michigan. Also, the first People's Choice Awards, part of the first annual AdFair, were announced at week's end as well.

Every year, it is impressive to see the range and depth of local talent. Every year, I have two nagging thoughts along with that.

1. Why doesn't the local media cover the WMPRSA Awards to the same degree? (Because they don't want to admit the influence we have on them, because they don't fully understand that PR is far more than publicity, because PR is not the revenue stream that advertising is for media, all of the above?)

2. What are the criteria for the awards? There's voting, based on how creative they are. That's fine. But I always wonder, what was the objective, who was the target audience, what did you want them to think or do, and did they do it as a result of this ad? I know, I'm a wet blanket. Maybe all of those questions can be answered, I don't know. But if that info is there, let's share it.

Another thought on the People's Choice Awards. This was a great effort to get the community, not just the advertising insiders, to recognize the local ad talent we have in West Michigan. But, a peoples' choice (Peeps?) award means.....what? As Tim Wheeler said in a Saturday Press article about the awards, it is meaningful to know that an ad got the attention of the public. But did it? Or were they merely voting. And, was attention-getting the only goal? Were attitudes changed, behaviors encouraged?

It may be hard to gather and present such info and judge future Addy's accordingly. But not necessarily. Entrants could include an evaluation of evidence of the ad's effectiveness. Peoples' Choice entrants could be asked to indicate if the ad affected their attitudes or behavior intentions. Just a thought.

A final thought for next year--ad a social media category. We had Web sites, but what about the vast array of Web 2.0 creativity going on, from gaming to online ads etc.


Roberta said...

I find the ADDYs to be a mildly curious competition. In three years of entering a single category, my company has won one award. I've come to look at the ADDYs as a beauty contest, nothing more.
In the application materials there is no place to write about strategy or outcome. For all I know, winning is based on looks/creativity alone.
This differs greatly from PRSA awards and from award competitions in my field, where planning, strategy and results matter as much as a good looking product.

Anonymous said...

The addys are not based on Effectiveness they are based on creativity. If you want to enter a competition that requires measurements try entering the Effies.

Anonymous said...

What? An entire focus section on "Marketing & Public Relations" the week after the awards in the GRBJ isn't enough? ;-)