Friday, March 07, 2008

Coast Guard Campaign Ignores Coast Guard City?

AdWeek reports on the launch of a new recruitment campaign by the Coast Guard. From this article, it appears the campaign is national and includes rescue footage from salty waters only. No inclusion of Grand Haven, aka Coast Guard City USA?!

However, if you go to the Coasties' own site,, it smartly reads your IP address and you'll see a banner for current reserve opportunities in Michigan. Apparently, the campaign will include lots of Web material including actual footage of Coast Guard work that won't be in the radio and TV ads.

Still, I'd like the nation to be exposed to some of the Great Lakes work of the Coast Guard. We get some wicked weather here too!

Maybe the campaign could latch on to the "Boston Legal" subplot in which Denny Crane and Alan Shore try to join the Coast Guard and fail the swim test in the pool. What a great opportunity for "product placement." The story line could be they get to do some reserve duty in Grand Haven. I missed my chance to suggest that now that the writers' strike is over.

But it could have been good. Maybe I could have snared a cameo role for suggesting it. I could have greeted the two stars at a reception at Snug Harbor:

[Alan] "We're new to the Coast Guard. Where do they keep the Scotch?"

[Denny] "Denny Crane!"

[Me] "C'mon, I'll buy you a Coke and a pronto pup.

[Denny] "Are you with the Coast Guard?

[Me] No. I'm Tim Penning!"

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