Tuesday, March 11, 2008

CSR in GR?

The March 10 Wall Street Journal special section led with an article (subscription required) about Corporate Social Responsibility. Apparently, a new study shows that 90 percent of companies are doing more now than they were five years ago to include environmental, social, and governance issues into their strategy.

The West Michigan connection?

For one, the article includes a Q&A with John Paluszek, of the PR firm Ketchum. Paluszek spoke about CSR for a WMPRSA/Econ Club event in 2004, when I was president of the local chapter.

Secondly, I wonder how many of West Michigan's companies are intentionally including CSR into their management philosophy. My sense is, quite a few. Our region is known for being ahead of the curve on LEED certified buildings and other green activities. Also, while not the most diverse region in the country, I am aware of many efforts to address diversity positively.

I would be interesting to know two things: 1) the percentage of companies with more than 50 employees who actively discuss and implement CSR, and 2) how much of this is driven by and/or credited to a public relations person in a management capacity.

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