Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Few View Fairs Films

There was a sparse crowd at Wealthy Theatre last night for the inaugural event of the inaugural Ad Fair. But promoters are hoping the traffic will pick up at events later this week and at Ad Fairs generally in subsequent years.

I, for one, enjoyed myself. I made some new acquaintances, chatted with folks I know, and enjoyed the two films. I even got to sit with my wife. Maybe next year we could have a panel discuss the image of advertising in popular culture. Both films portrayed the ad industry and those who work in it as liars. Indeed, advertising was a subplot to larger film themes of the human search for truth and meaning in life, and the preeminence of relationships.

Relationships. So, one could argue, the wicked are mired in self-indulgent deceit (advertising) until they see the light and come to the temple of genuine relationships (public relations).

Discuss.... :)

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