Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Foundation of PR Success

Corporate and agency PR gets most of the attention. But according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and PRSA studies, the majority of PR practitioners work in the government or nonprofit sectors. Nonprofit alone is a huge sector for PR pros. So it's nice to see the PR done by one of our region's premier nonprofits getting national awards.

The Grand Rapids Community Foundation won four gold and two bronze--count 'em, six awards--from the Wilmer Shields Rich Awards Program, which recognizes excellent communication by foundations across the country.

When I worked at the Foundation as their first in-house PR director going on 8 years ago (wow, is it that long?) I won a gold award for an annual report. I know how competitive it can be. It's a national award, and the competition is against some very large foundations in other parts of the country. So for my successor, Roberta King, APR, and her assistant (and my former student), Amanda St. Pierre, to reel in a half dozen, well, that's truly evidence of talent, creativity and hard work.

You can read the details about the awards in a news release on the Foundation's Web site. While you're there, check out the blog and podcasts--evidence of a nonprofit getting into new media faster than some of its big corporate neighbors.

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Diana Sieger said...

Thank you Tim! As the "pioneer" PR Director back 8 years ago at the Grand Rapids Community Foundation, you helped me and this organization blaze the good trail for excellent public relations! And your kind words about the success of our dynamic team here really means a great deal. Many thanks for the post! Diana Sieger