Friday, March 21, 2008

Institute for PR Project Brings Pros, Academics Together

One of the things PR educators talk about is the need to bring PR researchers/educators and professionals together more often to discuss the profession. PRSA does this at its national conference and through its publications. The Institute for Public Relations has done this as well through its 10 year history.

Now, IPR has announced an "Essential Knowledge Project" that will make research available online to scholars and PR practitioners alike. The idea is to share key knowledge discovered on a range of topics of current importance and interest to our field. The first several articles are posted to the new EKP section of IPR's web site. Check them out.

So, you're wondering, why do I mention this Florida-based institute when I call this blog GRPR? What's the local connection? Well, yours truly presented a paper at the 10th International Public Relations Research Conference in Miami last spring. Some of you should think about going--the conference brings together academics and professionals. You can read the proceedings of last year's conference, including my paper advancing a model for PR in the public and private spheres, to see if you'd be interested.

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