Monday, March 03, 2008

Tuesday Creative Crawl, Wednesday Seminar Details

The map of the agencies participating in the West Michigan Ad Club's Ad Fair "Creative Crawl" Tuesday night is available. Looks like a fun opportunity to make some relationships in the ad community.

Also, I just got the full scoop on the AdFair Wednesday morning seminar with insights from ad agency heads. I'm particularly interested in the agency/client relationship subject, and have a doctoral student friend who plans to do her dissertation on this very subject.

I had plans to sleep in and do some writing over this week--GVSU's spring break. But these events might be worth attending. Perhaps I'll see some GRPR readers there.


Roberta said...

What is up with all this ad agency stuff? Nothing going on in PR worth writing about?

Tim Penning, APR said...

This blog, though named GRPR, has always been about PR and Advertising, or broadly, communication, as the top of the blog proclaims.

Also, throughout my PR career, I have used advertising as a component of many campaigns. While advertising and PR are seen as distinct, in reality PR is broadly about building mutual relationships as well as influencing awareness, attitudes and actions, and advertising is one of a variety of tools we employ to do that.