Monday, March 03, 2008

Meijer Product Recall

I learned in a news alert from the Holland Sentinel that Meijer has voluntarily recalled 12-ounce packages of Discover Cuisine Red Curry Chicken and Jasmine Rice. The news item informs consumers where packages have been purchased and that refunds are available, and most importantly, that the problem was contamination with a certain microorganism and that no illnesses have been reported.

Kudos to Meijer for the voluntary and quick recall. In fact, the retailer has a special product recall section on its Web site. Not a bad idea for a retailer of such large volume and diversity of product.

The only problem is this current recall isn't online yet--presumably the news release went out before the web update. Also, current product recalls should be more prominent on the home page along with the marketing info so consumers potentially in danger would not have to go hunting for it.

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