Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I've been pitched!

There is an ongoing discussion about whether or not bloggers are "journalists." Well, if being the recipient of news releases and pitches is a criterion for being a journalists, I just returned to my professional roots. I haven't been on this end of a news release since 1986.

By the way, if any readers do have interesting news, events, comments etc about the West Michigan advertising and public relations industry, drop me a line.

So, the pitch?

It's from local form Concord Communications and Design and features their national roll out of a service called a "Core Message Analysis" for clients' Web sites. I'll let you read their news release and learn more from their Core Message Analysis Web site on your own.

My thoughts? Well, first, I wish them well. Any local advertising/public relations firm striking out on a national venture deserves encouragement.

But I also have a few questions. Such as, isn't "core messages" sort of, um, not really all that new? We had "Positioning" in the '80s, which has morphed into branding, yadda yadda yadda.

Also, can there not be more to Web sites than a customer-centric, mere marketing approach?

PR is about building mutual relationships with multiple publics, not just customers. Yes, Web sites can do that and they should have core messages. But Web sites also allow for interactivity, depth, immediacy, and other unique communicative benefits. If there's a tool that incorporates all of that, I'm buyin'.

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