Friday, June 20, 2008

PR and Prohibition at GRCC

Interesting article in the Grand Rapids Press yesterday about GRCC banning smoking. It wasn't interesting so much for the smoking ban as the reference to the college's PR campaign to precede the prohibition of smoking on campus.

It's a rare case where "public relations" or "PR" is not associated with a pejorative adjective (e.g. ""mere" or "just" PR, PR "stunt" or "gimmick" etc) when described in the media. Lots of content analysis studies of mainstream media have shown this. This is simply a neutral reference to the fact that the college needs to communicate a new policy to its relative publics.

It would be interesting to know more about the nature of that campaign. Will it be just an education campaign to inform people about the policy? Will it involve persuasion to affect public opinion in favor of this new policy? Or could there even be an component of the campaign that is a health-related cessation campaign, designed to encourage smokers to quit? All three?

Chime in anyone from GRCC; enlighten us. And good luck.

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