Thursday, June 12, 2008

Science and Art

I'm always interested in how West Michigan organizations are getting into social media. Like the rest of the nation, we are just getting started. But it was interesting to read in the Grand Rapids Press about Perrigo using a YouTube video in an effort to recruit scientists as employees at the Allegan drug maker.

You can see the video here.

It's a great attempt to use new media to reach an audience. But I have some nagging thoughts:
  • The Press reported Tuesday that the clip had 5,000 hits. But (as a scientist should ask), what does that mean? Is it good? WHO were those people? Scientists looking for work would be great. But what if they were pimple-faced kids distracting themselves in an American history class? And ultimately, how many scientists applied for jobs at Perrigo as a result of seeing the YouTube clip? THAT's the metric that matters. Maybe it will come.
  • O.K., I admit that my 'white guy shuffle' won't get me past the first round of auditions for "Dancing With the Stars," but the dancing in this video is less than exciting. It looks like, well, scientists dancing. I have a lingering memory of the Intel ad of years ago where scientists making computer chips wear lab suits that would make MC drop his hammer, and they really got their boogy down!

    All in all, it was a clever video. And it was locally produced, which always warms my heart. I even have a suggestion for a sequel. Instead of showing beakers, show a periodic table of the elements. And then proclaim that, at Perrigo, scientists enjoy periodic table dances.

    I shouldn't give this stuff away for free.
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    Mike said...

    "Periodic table dances?"

    Ouch. Free nothing, you ought to pay us to READ this!