Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Direct PR

With the constant change and innovation in online communications, it seems old fashioned snail mail is soooo last century. But I have always thought that the occasional hard copy, USPS message has a way of standing out. It reflects a special effort when it is so easy to send bulk emails quickly and for free.

Now there's a new service that allows you to combine the convenience of the Internet with the special treatment of postal service direct mail. Enthusem is a service that allows you to set up your mailing via a web site, and they handle the stationery, postage, addressing, and mailing. There are applications in PR for event invitations, follow-up cards, targeted solicitations and more. On way-cool feature is the ability to add attachments--the recipient sees a Web address and a code in order to see what you've "attached" to the mail piece, and you get notified if and when they retrieve it.

The West Michigan connection is that co-founder and owner Marc Fors lives right here in Spring Lake. As he pointed out in a press release he sent me: "Our testing has revealed what people really want in their business and personal life, is to easily send, in a few clicks, a truly personal note to a client, to a friend or to a visitor to their web‐site. They want something that has real immediacy and real intimacy, a piece that enters the mail at the exact moment when it will have its highest impact – the same day it is written."

Public relations is a diverse profession, employing many tactics, including direct mail. This latest innovation--with a local connection--melds Internet with snail mail in a way that allows PR savvy personalization vs mass marketing.

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