Thursday, August 28, 2008

Meijer's Lobster Lobby

So I'm driving down I-96 earlier this week and catching up on some podcasts, and I hear Slate columnist and podcaster Daniel Gross comment that he got lots of feedback for a column he wrote about the price of lobster in this economy.

Apparently Gross (who reveals in the podcast that he hails from Michigan) was taken to task for mentioning that "you're unlikely to find live lobster tanks in Meijer stores in Michigan or Wal-Marts in the Ozarks." The web site doesn't show a lot of comments posted, so apparently he received direct emails. What he never says is whether people took umbrage at the slight against Meijer or whether they felt the midwest generally was dissed. We also don't know if the emails came from consumers or Meijer employees (or Meijer employees posing as consumers).

But there is a lesson here: pay attention to the new media environment! If you don't go to the party they'll talk about you at the party.

The good news regarding Meijer is either a) their staff is on the ball and is searching mentions in blogs regularly and responding to correct errors in fact and perception or b) their customers are loyal enough to stand up for them.

As for me, I took my wife out to Red Lobster last night. We had a coupon.

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