Monday, September 08, 2008

Seyferth Simplifies Name to Reflect Complex Practice

Local PR Firm Seyferth, Spaulding and Tennyson released today a formal return to the firm's original name, Seyferth and Associates.

The name change--which coincides with the 25th anniversary of the firm founded by Ginny Seyferth--was done to keep a simple moniker on a firm that now will have four shareholders, akin to named partners at the firm.

Senior Vice President Brooke Vining, APR, and Vice President Eileen McNeil join Seyferth and Dan Spaulding. Spaulding is quoted in a release from the firm saying the change also reflects a growing diversity of PR practice specialties, including alternative energy, emerging technology and life science industries.

The release also touts a "new look" for S&A, which is shown on an overhauled Web site.

Left unanswered is what happened to Tennyson in the agency's former name (perhaps he went the way of the light brigade; no, that was Alfred Tennyson). The release makes no mention of, and the new Web site has no contact info for, a Detroit office.


john said...

Hmm. You're right. No mention of Christopher Tennyson, Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs in Detroit. And on the Contact page on their revised Web site, as you found,there is only the Grand Rapids information. Also on About Us page, their history says: "In 2000 – driven by client demand – S&A opened an office in Detroit and, while we have offices in Michigan’s two largest cities, the firm’s business reaches throughout the state and well beyond its borders." If the Detroit office is now closed, it looks like they have more text editing to do. Interestingly, on the "About Us" page they list their people (Our Team) and include Chris Tennyson, but when you click on Tennyson's link, you get a message that says the page is unavailable. Go to anybody else's bio page, and Chris is not even in the Our Team list of personnel. You would think that, being a PR and marketing firm, they could at least briefly mention the departure of their Detroit VP and closure of their Detroit office (barring any ill will and possible black eyes in the situation).

john said...

One more thing. I just looked up "Christopher Tennyson - Detroit" on Google and found his LinkedIn profile. There, it does not say anything about being employed by Seyferth and Associates. It says he is a "Public Relations and Communications Consultant and Contractor." So it appears he is no longer with the firm.

Tim Penning, APR said...

Thanks for tracking this down, John. Perhaps S&A will explain the changes later, formally or informally.