Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Back From France

I was happy to see several students, faculty colleagues, and PR colleagues following me on Twitter during my recent week in France. If you didn't, here's a recap:

  • I taught an intensive (21 hours of teaching in a week) session on public relations and press relations to graduate business students.
  • I caught a cold right before I left.
  • This was the first exposure these marketing students have had to PR. Some were excited about going into PR as a career.
  • Cointreau, the manufacturer of orange liqueur, is based in Angers where I taught. The company and its founder were pioneers in advertising and PR in the late 1800s. I visited the plant for a tour and bought a cool book in French/English that shows a progression of ads and other promotions of the company from start-up to today.
  • PR in France is evolving and 'catching up' some day to other EU countries and the US. French PR pros are going beyond media relations to public affairs, investor relations, and other advanced practices.
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