Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Follow me to France

The old Genesis song "Follow You, Follow Me" has new meaning with the advent of Twitter. I've just noticed that my employer, Grand Valley State University, has an account. So I signed up and 'follow' GVSU. I also follow a close friend, some national media, and my U.S. Representative, which has been interesting this week in particular. A few are now following me and I've sent a few messages, or "tweets" as they are known, this week.

I'm experimenting to see if this is just a game or has practical utility for me. So, why don't you join the experiment. October 3 I leave for France to teach for a week in Angers, at a GVSU partner institution called ESSCA. I will have access to a computer occasionally and hope to 'tweet' from France as I'm able. Go to and sign up for a free account. Look me up (penningink) and "follow" me.

And in keeping with the old rock ballad, I may follow you as well.

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Dr.W said...

I really hope you are having in fun in France. Bring me some cheese!-- Danielle