Wednesday, October 15, 2008

GRPS Praised in GR Mag

Grand Rapids Magazine carries a positive piece about the Grand Rapids Public Schools in its October issue.

You can't read it online, but John Helmholdt, GRPS Communications and External Affairs Director, was sure to pass along a PDF to yours truly. Given that Helmholdt used to specialize in political PR, including database driven communications, for the now dissolved agency Jones & Gavan, he no doubt pass along the puffery to others as well.

There's no wonder why he did. GR Mag doesn't have the circulation (although it may reach key influentials) that local TV or the local daily has. Those media outlets seem to have nothing but negative coverage, of low MEAPs, contentious school board meetings, superintendent vs teacher union head, and so on.

So when you get a media review of some positive progress in the district, you want to pass it around like notes between 7th graders in history class.

Now we can wonder if John Zwarenstein, GR Mag publisher, will be seeing a sudden increase in subscribers who live in the GRPS school district.

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