Saturday, October 25, 2008

Help Wanted: PR Professors

PRSA Conference, Detroit--Talking to a group of professorial colleagues at the Educator's Academy session at the PRSA Conference in Detroit, something I already know became accutely obvious--there is a serious shortage of PR professors.

GVSU is hiring, and we haven't had many apps. I've been recruiting here, but everyone I talk to is also hiring, and having the same problem. People can make good money in the profession, why would they want to teach? If they do want to teach, do they want to go through the haard work and expense of getting a PhD? Every university insists on the PhD for a tenure-track professor; you can get away with just a master's degree if you want to be an adjunct or instructor.

I'm not sure what to do to attract good people with experience, a doctorate, and teaching ability to GVSU. With such a demand, it may be I'm the one who gets recruited.

Here at the national PRSA conference, there are several sessions for those interested in teaching. We'll see what the draw is. If you are in West Michigan and you ARE interested in being a professor, let's do lunch!

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